AeroVisto and VARTAN.AERO join forces to launch 360°CabinService

The AeroVisto Group has developed a service offering with VARTAN.AERO that will optimise the processes involved in interior refurbishment projects in business and private jet aviation.

The offering, 360°CabinService, features a fully comprehensive approach with a complementary “one shop stop” service for interior refurbishment and includes the disassembly of the cabin, outgoing inspection, packaging and transport, interior refurbishment, return transport and unpacking, incoming inspection and reassembly, quality inspection and handover of the aircraft cabin.

“Such a service is unique in this market segment,” said Ingo Grünewald, Project Engineering Manager at VARTAN.AERO. “Our offer addresses MRO and CAMO companies, as well as operators in business and private jet aviation. It offers these companies the freedom to choose whether they want to perform these necessary tasks themselves or whether they want to take advantage of the 360°CabinService for specific purposes.

“We know from numerous exchanges that many MRO companies precisely wish this flexibility. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is essential that the available qualified personnel can concentrate on the core business, and that is usually aircraft maintenance. Thus, a professional interior team from VARTAN.AERO and AeroVisto is an ideal solution to compensate for lack of capacity.”

Hermann Bauer, CEO of AeroVisto said: “I see the jointly offered 360°CabinService as a logical development of the long-term cooperation between VARTAN.AERO and AeroVisto. Both companies attach great importance to quality and reliability, partnership, and sustainable relationships, with customers and market peers,

“Right from the first meeting in Hamburg, it was clear that both sides recognise a great need in the market and are interested in jointly developing a solution that solves a real problem for our mutual customers.”

AeroVisto says that further joint, customer-oriented solutions for business and private jet aviation between the companies are already being planned.

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