Air France amenity kits for long-haul Business passengers

Air France is offering its long-haul business class customers a new comfort kit made of up to 93% recycled material. The new kit, part of an eco-responsible approach for the airline, features the company’s historic winged seahorse emblem and comes in navy blue and grey.

Each business class kit contains a toothbrush and a pen made of cornstarch and ear plugs packaged in kraft paper which eliminate the use of plastic. The kit also features large sleep masks, socks, toothpaste and Clarins cosmetics.

By offering these more eco-friendly comfort kits, Air France will be reducing the use of single-use plastic on board its flights.

Air France’s long-haul premium economy cabin passengers receive a dark blue kit which, like the business class kit, includes a toothbrush made of cornstarch, ear plugs packaged in kraft paper, a sleep mask and a pair of socks.

The plastic packaging of each kit is now replaced by a tamper-evident seal in all cabins and headsets are systematically cleaned and disinfected which allows the carrier to eliminate single-use headphone protectors and their packaging.

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