Aircare Firesock containment bag, heat resistant cloves and a resealable storage container

Aircare has released the second generation of its Aircare Firesock, a battery risk management solution currently used by over six global commercial carrier fleets, as well as hundreds of corporate aircraft.

The Aircare Firesock is designed to mitigate the risk of lithium-ion battery packs within personal electronic devices (PED) like laptops, tablets and smartphones, which can cause thermal runaway.  This occurs when one or more of the cells of a PED battery become unstable and start to overheat causing smoke, fire and explosion.

The latest Firesock, which includes the FireSock containment bag, heat resistant cloves and a resealable storage container, is now capable of withstanding internal radiant temperatures up to 2,000°F.

The resealable storage tube is designed to carry four litres of water (cylindrical measurements are 5-inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in length) for dousing in an effort to cool thermal runaway as recommended in FAA SAFO 09013. The Firesock is designed to completely contain all of the molten material and fire that results from a battery event, while the device’s structural integrity is maintained by venting gasses as they rapidly expand during an explosion.

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