Aircraft Interiors Expo announces Women in Aviation campaign

Aircraft Interiors Expo(AIX) has announced the next chapter in its Women in Aviation campaign that celebrates influential women and their impact on the industry.

The campaign, which comprises of 10 female airline and aviation supplier company leaders, examines their experiences, successes and insights into the aviation industry through a female diversity lens.

The female leaders taking part include Vivian Lo, GM Customer Experience and Design, Cathay Pacific; Jo Rowan, Associate Director, PriestmanGoode; Elina Kopola, Founder, Green Cabin Alliance; Shawn Duffy, Senior Vice President, Viasat, and more. The campaign also revisits participants from the original 2019 campaign, highlighting the notable changes and progress made over the past five years. The report can be downloaded for free here.

In the report, the selected participants share the journeys of their careers, imparting their invaluable advice and anecdotes to others working or seeking to work in aviation. Vivian Lo from Cathay Pacific emphasises the importance of uniqueness and staying true to one’s self, commenting: “As you work more and more, you realise that standing out has its cons, but also pros. Being the minority allows [you] to be more outspoken and respected for what [you] say.”

Kathryn Doyle, Associate Director at Collins Aerospace states: “Confidence, authenticity, and an openness to learn and a genuine passion for the industry tend to help you shine through. I’ve never tried to be anything other than myself, and I strongly believe that being genuine is critical to developing positive relationships and establishing you as a leader.”

Jo Rowan of PriestmanGoode believes gender does not determine success, but instead it is achieved by pushing boundaries and breaking the mold: “Women may see things differently, they may approach challenges differently, but it isn’t about being male or female. It is about having the right skills for the project and matching skillsets to the task needed.”

Polly Magraw, Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo, commented: “Once again, we are incredibly proud of the Women in Aviation campaign this year. Being able to pull together the diverse and fascinating insights from the leading women driving the industry – imparting their knowledge onto others – is a huge privilege. It’s promising to see that not only is the industry making positive progress, but that gender needn’t determine one’s success.

“AIX is the home of conversations that influence the industry of tomorrow, and by highlighting the achievements and challenges of these women, we can carve out a clear path to even greater diversity in the industry and encourage more influential, ambitious women to help drive it forward.”

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