Aircraft recycling company, Aircraft Solutions USA is to establish a new US$100 million facility at North Carolina’s Global TransPark to recycle aircraft parts and materials.

In phase one of the project, Aircraft Solutions’ new recycling centre will systematically remove, catalogue, and inspect parts, certifying them as either usable, repairable, or unfit for service. The company plans to establish a paint shop in phase two of the project.

Dr. Sven Daniel Koechler, General Manager of Aircraft Solutions USA, commented: “With our environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, we offer a real alternative to conventional boneyards and are proud to be able to build an architectural highlight in North Carolina with one of the largest hangars in the world. With our unique hanger system and our self-developed most effective new recycling technology, we are able to recycle up to 70 more Boeing 737 a year and will invest not only in the construction and modern equipment, but also in qualified workers and their families.”

Image: Governor Roy Cooper and representatives of Aircraft Solutions USA (Photo: North Carolina Department of Commerce/Facebook)

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