Air Arabia has become the latest and largest customer of AirFi’s seven Middle East customers, following a successful 10-aircraft trial over recent months.

“SkyTime”, available on its fleet of short- and medium-haul aircraft stationed in Sharjah, will feature a comprehensive line up of multi-language, premium AVOD content tailored to their demographic of family and price-conscious business travellers around the Gulf region, Northern Africa, Indian subcontinent, Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

Critical to the Air Arabia decision was a clear demonstration of the AirFi system’s flexibility, performance and reliability.

Elsewhere, Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles has selected AirFi for its new Airbus A320neo entertainment platform.

Remco Althuis, chief executive officer of Air Seychelles said: “AirFi will allow Air Seychelles to operate more efficiently because with the elimination of seatback screens, guests will need to use their own devices and headsets to stream the entertainment content. Therefore with less on board equipment and less impact in the weight, Air Seychelles will be able to better generate its fuel efficiency.

“At the end of the day throughout the transformation plan our mandate is to ensure that the products Air Seychelles chooses are reliable, sustainable, plus cost effective and after intense research we have identified AirFi as the best option moving forward.”

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