AKKA and Avianor have secured an EASA STC for A330 cargo conversions

AKKA Technologies and Avianor, an affiliate of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, have obtained an EASA STC for the cargo conversion of the A330.

The new EASA STC 10075624, available in three weeks’ time, will offer operators the opportunity to be fully compliant with new EASA specifications allowing operators to fly on cargo modification until the end of the year.

“Working in partnership with AKKA over the course of several months to successfully obtain the first ever EASA STC certification of this kind allows us to meet the needs of operators across the world. Temporary passenger-to-freight solutions continue to be carried out, and this turnkey EASA-certified solution makes it easier to implement for operators and substantially extend its duration, making the business case compelling. This fits well with the wide range of options that Avianor can provide with TCCA, FAA and EASA operators,” said Matthieu Duhaime, President and COO, Avianor.

“This achievement results from AKKA’s and Avianor’s combined expertise and demonstrates our common will and capability to support the aviation industry by bringing the pragmatic solution expected by the market. This first success paves the way for further fruitful collaboration creating value for our customers,” added PierreYves Lazies, Vice President of Aviation at AKKA France.

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