ALTO Aviation has announced a series of enhancements to its Cadence CMS

ALTO Aviation has expanded its Cadence Cabin Management offering with the introduction of the new Cadence Galley Touch Panel.

The 10-inch panel (pictured left) can be mounted in a portrait or landscape orientation and is designed with an intuitive and elegant interface for controlling all aircraft functions and equipment. These include all lighting, IFE, power, galley appliances, attendant call, shades, climate, flight information, and system settings.

The user interface is based around ALTO Cabin Control App and is customisable for each installation and customer requirement. Additionally, the Cadence Galley Touch Panel can also be duplicated and run on one or more devices such as an iPad, Android tablet, or any MS Windows device; this allows the flight crew to access Cadence Galley Touch Panel functions from anywhere in the aircraft as well as providing a valuable level of redundancy for critical cabin controls.

“The new ALTO Cadence Galley Touch Panel is a great addition to ALTO Cabin Management System; designed in-house with simplicity, functionality, and performance in mind this new product provides an additional option for an easy and fast replacement of obsolete legacy galley switch panels and can add numerous valuable features to any cabin upgrade,” said Steve Scarlata, ALTO Aviation VP Engineering/R&D.

The company has also introduced its new galley touchscreen to their ALTO Cabin Control App (image right).

Cadence Switch Panels are ALTO Aviation’s direct replacement and customisable cabin passenger controls that allow functionality through discrete logic and no software, minimising or eliminating woodwork by defining bezels that fit into the existing holes, considerably reducing installation costs.

The foundation for Cadence is modular, discrete switch assemblies. The modules range from one to six positions, including USB charging, HDMI port, Bluetooth interface, and ordinance signage. Cadence is compatible with the aircraft’s existing cabin management system and in-flight entertainment system. Additionally, by defining a bezel that fits into an existing cutout, ALTO provides a CMS/IFE upgrade solution without changing the woodwork.

All installations were customised to replace the obsolete, non-serviceable, or broken passenger controls, as well as new installations, in many cases repurposing functionality and updating the Cabin Management System capabilities of each cabin.

“We have surpassed 300 Cadence Switch Panels with unique, customised solutions for our clients, impeccably installed by top MROs worldwide in a wide variety of aircraft, including Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, and Bombardier. In addition, we continue designing, manufacturing in-house, and customising passenger controls that provide easy and fast installations with unrivalled performance, ”said Kevin Hayes, VP Sales, and Marketing at ALTO Aviation.

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