Amelia is trialling Flymingo wireless IFE from Moment

French aviation group Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) is to trial Moment’s Flymingo box aboard its aircraft.

In 2019, Regourd Aviation created the brand Amelia which conducts short-haul domestic flights between Paris and two cities in France: Rodez and Clermont Ferrand.

Amelia’s objective is to elevate the onboard experience by providing a digital platform that is user friendly and can be personalised according to passenger preferences.

Moment has deployed its Flymingo box, a portable Wireless IFE solution, along with its digital platform allowing for a seamless digital passenger experience. clientele which consists mainly of business passengers, and vacationers on the weekends.

The digital interface is accessible via passengers’ own devices and grants them access to all the information they previously would have in paper aboard the plane.

“We are beyond excited to work on this trial with a leader in W-IFE solutions such as Moment. We wanted to partner with a company that could guarantee we would attain our vision for a one-of-a-kind digital experience for our customers; that is exactly what we found with Moment’s Flymingo box,” stated Alain Regourd, President of Amelia.

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