offer environmentally friendly inflight meal options for its first and business classes

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be offering environmentally friendly in-flight meal options for the carrier’s First Class and Business Class passengers on select international routes.

The menus will feature sustainable dishes and ingredients with that have a smaller environmental impact.

Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning of ANA commented: “The sustainability of the society we live in is just as important as the health of our customers. With our sustainable approach to in-flight meals, among other initiatives, we aim to make a difference in the world and inspire others to do the same.”

ANA Catering Service has recycled 100% of the food waste collected from in-flight meal preparations into compost and animal feed since 2008. In March 2022, it also started serving soft kale grown with compost recycled from in-flight meal preparation waste on economy class on certain international routes. ANA also says that kale focaccia, handmade one by one in-house at the in-flight catering facility and kneaded with soft kale paste in the dough, will be available as part of its First and Business Class in-flight meals on select international routes from Japan from 1 September through 30 November.

Bamboo shoot delight

ANA will also serve a new Nobeoka bamboo shoot dish on select international First Class routes departing from Japan from 1 September through 30 November. Nobeoka bamboo shoots are made from bamboo shoots grown in Nobeoka, a city in Miyazaki prefecture Japan and developed to tackle the issue of abandoned bamboo groves.

In addition to these initiatives, ANA says that, starting October 2022, it will adopt rice that has been out of circulation in the market in the ANA Group Training Center employee cafeteria in cooperation with Food Loss bank, Inc. This rice has been out of circulation due to time since harvest and not due to quality issues. The carrier says it hopes this will increase employee awareness for sustainability.

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