As part of its strategy to remain at the forefront of hospitality and passenger comfort for every type of flyer, All Nippon Airways (ANA), is making a series of comprehensive changes to the seats on domestic aircraft.

The renovations will improve economy class seats while also increasing the number of premium class seats on domestic flights.

“ANA strives to set the standard for comfort on all our flights, and few things play as big a part in passenger comfort as the seat,” said Hideki Kunugi, executive vice president of ANA.

“These changes will allow ANA to meet shifts in demand while ensuring unrivalled comfort and convenience for our passengers. We believe in constantly working to improve the travel experience, and these new seats will place ANA head and shoulders above the competition.”

Eight Boeing 777-200 and 11 Boeing 787-8 aircraft have been selected for the renovations, which are set to begin in autumn 2019 and are to be completed by the first half of FY2022. In addition to improvements for both premium and economy class seats, the renovated planes will offer an increased number of premium class seats to a total of 28 seats on each aircraft.

New premium class seats will boast a 15.6-inch touch panel personal seat monitor, the largest yet in ANA’s domestic premium class, as well as an enhanced entertainment library. Additionally an expanded Wi-Fi entertainment service will make it possible to access in-flight Wi-Fi entertainment using the ANA app on any smart device. In-flight Wi-Fi entertainment connects passengers to a curated library with nearly 190 TV programs, video, music and e-books. The new seats will be made of an advanced fabric to increase comfort and will offer an ergonomic storage space below the monitor for storing personal items.

In addition to the new seats, passengers will also have access to a rotating table and a retractable side table as well as a privacy partition between seats. All seats also come equipped with a PC adapter and USB power outlet.

The seats in economy class are produced by Toyota Boshoku, Japanense automotive seat designers. ANA worked closely with Toyota Boshoku to ensure maximum ergonomic seating comfort, access to technology and safety for all passengers. Designers considered a full range of body types and postures to find the ideal balance for the seat as well as to determine monitor positioning. The comfortable tailored seat distributes pressure evenly throughout the body to make sitting more comfortable. In addition, the backrest frame shape has been optimised to make it perfectly fit a range of body types. These same seats and accompanying features have already been installed in six ANA B767-300 aircraft and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Other features include an 11.6-inch touch panel personal seat monitor, the largest yet for ANA’s domestic economy class, and an ergonomic beverage holder.

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