Sneaker Shopping from Complex Networks

Anuvu has entered into a partnership with youth culture brand Complex Networks to bring traditional content to the maritime and aviation markets.

Content includes popular food, shopping and celebrity culture shows including the show Hot Ones, whose host Sean Evans has been nominated for an Emmy Award; Sneaker Shopping; Complex Closets; Fridge Tours; and more. The shows, ranging from four to 30 minutes, include interviews with celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Halle Berry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, and Billie Eilish.

Terri Davies, SVP Content & Media Services, says: “The pandemic has permanently changed content consumption. While theaters have been closed and we’ve been at home, our appetite for non-traditional content as a new way to stay entertained has grown. As travel resumes, we want our customers’ passengers to enjoy the same variety of content they experience at home, including short-form videos.

“Whether you want to see Gordon Ramsay critique spicy chicken wings or watch Wiz Khalifa go sneaker shopping, Complex Networks’ fun, light-hearted shows will keep passengers engaged throughout their entire journey. We are thrilled to bring unique content to airline and maritime audiences worldwide.”

The Complex Networks package will be available for Iris customers, with bundles appearing on Iris Plus and individual titles featured in the core subscription. Complex Networks will also be offered to non-Iris and maritime customers.

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