Anuvu and QEST unveil new dual-panel Ka antenna

High-speed satellite connectivity and entertainment solutions provider Anuvu has showcased its new Dual-Panel Ka-Band Inflight Connectivity Antenna System (DPSAA) this week to airlines attending the Airline Passenger Experience Association Expo in Long Beach, California.

According to Anuvu, the antenna is a key component of Anuvu’s Airconnect Ka multi-orbit connectivity platform designed specifically for both GEO and LEO networks. This results in providing the best possible performance on each network.

Mike Pigott, Anuvu’s EVP Connectivity, said: “We are thrilled to be able to showcase our latest hybrid-network, multi-orbit innovation with our long-time partner QEST. QEST continues to innovate in satellite communications through the development of antenna systems based on their decades of experience.

“Anuvu remains committed to designing and developing the best solutions to enable our aviation customers to obtain superior connectivity services today and well into the future. Our open-architecture design doesn’t lock customers into specific system components, enabling customers to maximise the value of their investment over time while receiving the best service in the market.”

Anuvu says the dual-panel antenna delivers class-leading performance on today’s GEO networks, optimising for fast handoffs and ultra-high data rates. The antenna maximises data flow even when GEO and LEO satellites are low on the horizon and customers can select the GEO satellite connectivity option that provides the most efficient in-flight connectivity performance today, while maintaining full forward compatibility with current and future non-geostationary networks.

The DPSAA is the latest innovation from a family of antenna products designed by QEST to withstand the harsh environment on the aircraft fuselage.

Stefan Bihler, Executive Manager and Chief Commercial Officer at QEST, said: “We are excited to see an innovative and forward-looking company like Anuvu introduce this dual-panel antenna design to address an immediate need in the market as airlines consider how new LEO networks can enhance their connectivity options.”

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