Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES), is providing its new wireless charging module (WCM) for integration into several suppliers’ seat models. The first integrations are scheduled to roll out on aircraft in early 2019.

Mark Peabody, president of Astronics AES, commented, “Astronics AES envisioned the wireless charging module to augment existing EmPower products offered today. This is becoming a reality as it provides airlines another way to give passengers all the comforts of the home or office right at the airline seat. The wireless charger can be integrated with existing EmPower products offered from Astronics or from IFE suppliers using Astronics power supplies in their IFE offering.”

EmPower in-seat power is already the industry’s most adopted PED charging option with more than 240 airlines providing EmPower systems. The new wireless charging module represents an easy way to provide the convenience of wireless charging while creating a superior passenger experience, maintenance, and support model for WCM installations.

The 15 watt charger is Qi (“chee”) certified and is compatible with the most popular mobile devices offered from Apple, Samsung and others that are Qi-enabled.

Astronics AES is also working with additional seat suppliers to outfit wireless charging programmes that will occur later in 2019 and beyond.

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