Argus Cyber Security aims to offer increased protection for airlines’ in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems with its latest solution, Argus IFEC Protection.

The hardware agnostic solution aims to protect airlines against attacks on their in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) systems.

Showcased at the APEX EXPO in Los Angeles, the Argus team took Inflight through a demonstration representing a real-life hack of a Wifi access point widely used in IFEC systems to highlight how a vulnerability can be exploited to steal sensitive data located on the IFEC system – and also compromise passenger’s personal devices.

Argus Cyber Security demo APEX EXPO 2019

Attacks such as this not only damage airline’s brands and impact passenger trust, but can also expose airlines to GDPR fines and private lawsuits.

Argus explained that the vulnerability demonstrated was discovered and made public by the Wifi access point manufacturer, who released a patch for the vulnerability. Noam Menscher, head of aviation R&D pointed out that the manufacturer showed proactive behaviour to ensure their software was safe.

Describing how the Argus IFEC Protection solution aims to help, Menscher said: “Software is vulnerable but we’re aiming at what the attacker tries to do after the vulnerability,” disrupting their processes, and in the demonstration, stopping a redirection.

Although pointing out that there is no silver bullet in cyber security, Argus said they aim to “make life as difficult for the hacker as possible and make the system more resilient.”

Commenting on the announcement Rubi Arbel, VP Aviation, Argus Cyber Security, said: “As modern aircraft become increasingly connected and as more software is introduced into the cabin, there will always be new vulnerabilities and we must be prepared. We need to ensure that these systems are protected to preserve passengers’ trust.”

Speaking to Inflight, Argus said they are seeing “great steps” in the industry to protect systems and believe the industry is heading in the right direction, concluding: “We’re here to help minimise the exposure of airlines.”

Images: Argus Cyber Security demonstration at APEX EXPO 2019.

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