Burrana has introduced its next generation ultra-high definition 4K overhead solution.

According to the company, the 13-inch next generation displays are now the largest and highest resolution overhead screens in the industry. Each display will feature the latest in high brightness and high dynamic range LCD technology, which will enable passengers to enjoy wide viewing angles and a crisp picture, regardless of where they’re sitting in the cabin. Additionally, the displays will feature an anti-glare coating, which will help minimise reflections and the impact of sunlight.

An all-new server has also been developed, which will support 4K entertainment streams for the new overhead displays as well as wireless streaming entertainment to passenger devices. The server will offer 4TB of solid-state storage. This significant enhancement in storage capacity, combined with high compression video streams, will efficiently support larger 4K media files. The system will also utilise USB 3.0 technology, enabling airlines to load content at up to 4.8 Gbps – 10x faster than previous generations.

“With over 8.2 million pixels each with over 16 million lifelike colors, the latest generation overhead displays from Burrana will deliver an immersive and unforgettable passenger experience,” said David Withers, Burrana CEO.

Burrana’s 4K overhead solution is intended to be made available for single aisle Airbus platforms in Q2 2020, with Boeing availability to follow shortly thereafter.


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