FlightPath3D maps has announced it has surpassed the 60th airline customer milestone, nine months after announcing its 50th customer.

FlightPath3D president Duncan Jackson stated: “We built our in-flight moving map software to run on LINUX, iOS or Android, and any inflight entertainment system. In less than six years, we’ve seen our maps fly on over 2,600 commercial aircraft with 60-plus airline customers. We partner with amazing customers including brands such as, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Air Canada, Southwest, Virgin Atlantic, LATAM and many more.”

He added: “Our map is now accessed by over a hundred million devices. We achieved this by making it available as an Android, iOS or Linux app, a web service API or as a widget to embed in other applications.”

According to FlightPath3D CEO Boris Veksler: “We attribute our growth to three factors:

  1. We remain focused on our ANY Commitment, ANY Platform, ANY Device, ANY Content, ANY Language and ANY Airline Branding Experience;
  2. We have the largest team of map specialists and geospatial engineers in the industry, which means we can continuously innovate, and finally;
  3. We have a customer-focused culture. For example, when we receive a request to change something, we react and deploy faster than most in the industry spend analysing the problem.”

Air France In-Flight Entertainment project manager, David Hoch commented: “FlightPath3D is highly appreciated by our passengers, and we are proud to offer it on our different seatback and wireless IFE systems. FlightPath3D has the most valuable and innovative moving map solution. Furthermore, they are very flexible, easy to work with, very responsive, and always willing to help to increase customer satisfaction and improve their experience.”

Veksler added: “Having a moving map product that simultaneously integrates on both wireless and seatback IFE systems on multiple aircraft types is essential in our market. We have a unique focus on innovative features, quality, and delivery schedule -enabling us to create a map experience for passengers that is effortless for airlines.”

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