Gore has released its Microwave/Rf Assemblies, 7 Series, vapour sealed to prevent the ingress of fuels, oils, chemicals and other hazardous contaminants commonly found in airborne environments.

According to the company, these assemblies routinely maintain low insertion loss, low return loss, and excellent phase stability at frequencies up to 18 gigahertz (GHz), while providing outstanding shielding effectiveness in challenging aerospace environments.

“Gore’s end-to-end sealed solution enhances durability and reliability,” said Jim Foreman, Global Product specialist for Gore. “With this, Gore Microwave/RF Assemblies achieve better signal integrity and attenuation for connecting the aircraft to servers on the ground or satellite.”

The 7 Series has been selected for use in SmartSky Networks’ airborne test lab developed to optimise their new air-to-ground network and for use by the European Aviation Network (EAN) providing Wi-Fi internet access on European short-haul flights.

Other applications include L-band Air-to-Ground (ATG) networks; active electronically-steered phase arrays; GPS connectivity; Iridium; Ku-band satcom antennas; and SwiftBroadband.

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