Irdeto has joined the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) as part of its aims to help make premium in-flight OTT services a reality for airlines.

Irdeto allows airlines to easily deliver premium, high-quality content to both consumer devices and built-in displays, without piracy concerns.

“The provision of premium in-flight OTT services is a rare new revenue opportunity for airlines and it is crucial that they have a complete solution that is both secure and easily implemented,” said Bengt Jonsson, senior vice-president of sales & services, Irdeto. “As an expert in secure content delivery, Irdeto is proud to bring deep media experience to APEX and the airline industry which, in its quest to enhance the in-flight experience for customers, is encountering the requirements that need to be met by any media distributor or premium content rights holders.”

The decision to become a member of APEX follows the launch earlier in the year of Irdeto Control on the Go, designed for the provision of entertainment services in the small systems of planes, even without internet connectivity.

When combined with Irdeto Media Manager for content preparation, Irdeto TraceMark for watermarking and an integrated player, the company say this provides “the most comprehensive solution for airlines to automate the publishing, distribution and content protection of premium OTT in-flight entertainment.”

The pre-integrated solution incorporates stringent security requirements for premium content such as new release movies, and allows consumers to watch content on their own devices without having to download apps prior to the journey.

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