LATAM Airlines Group has become the first carrier in South America to offer anime content as part of its in-flight entertainment.

Working with global entertainment and media agency Spafax, LATAM, will feature a total of 10 hours of the popular Japanese animations through a partnership with Toei Animation Co. and Televix Entertainment. Passengers will be able to watch several anime titles and series including Captain Tsubasa, Robotech, Saint Seiya, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Mazinger Z, Bleach, Naruto, Nadja, Beyblade and Sailor Moon.

“As Latin America’s leading airline, we aim to anticipate our clients’ in-flight entertainment interests. Spafax helps us to select an engaging mix of content that will resonate across our varied passenger demographic and the anime channel is a superb addition for all ages,” stated Sergio Lazzeri, head of In-flight Experience at LATAM Airlines Group.

LATAM’s anime channel is now available onboard.

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