Panasonic Avionics and Toca Boca have announced plans to look into the creation of an inflight map for kids, utilising Panasonic’s personalised 3D inflight map platform, Arc.

The companies argue the map would be the first of its kind, blending Toca Boca’s creativity in digital toys with Arc’s technology to create an interface designed to keep kids entertained and informed inflight.

Panasonic Arc

“Combining the fun and creativity of Toca Boca’s digital toys and games with our cutting-edge 3D map platform, Arc, will capture kids’ imagination and provide them with a more engaging and immersive travel experience,” said David Bartlett, chief technology officer of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. “Our vision is to inspire the next generation to travel, learn about the world around them, and have fun while doing it. At Panasonic we’re constantly innovating to enhance the passenger experience for flyers of all ages, and the launch of our child-friendly map is a big step forward on that journey.”

Caroline Ingeborn, President and COO, Toca Boca, commented: “Everything we design is from the kids’ perspective, and we love the idea that they could have a fun map of their own. This potential collaboration could be a fun new venue for us to invite traveling families to play through innovation, quality and inclusion.”

Arc’s technology is inspired by design thinking of contemporary UX and high-definition gaming experiences. Panasonic argue the technology expands the traditional inflight moving map application into a fully integrated experience within Panasonic’s IFEC ecosystem by aligning with its NEXT Theatre, Loyalty and Marketplace solutions. Arc is available across all inflight displays including seatback, overhead, handset and within mobile apps and web portals.

The agreement would extend Toca Boca and Panasonic’s existing relationship. Earlier this year Toca Boca was announced as a launch user of Gaming, a new addition to Panasonic’s Theatre Inflight Entertainment solution.

Image: Panasonic Avionics and Toca Boca explore in-flight map for kids
Image inset: Panasonic Arc

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