Signal Lamp Entertainment (SLE), a global content distributor and provider of advertising and content distribution technologies, and Burrana, have partnered to bring a unified, end-to-end advertising solution to all Burrana IFE systems.

Through its deployment of SLE’s Ad Republic, Burrana will enable its clients to maximise revenues, offer a better ROI for advertisers, and support both the ad sales and ad buying communities addressing key constraints that have limited traditional, in-flight advertising – time to market, targeting, performance reporting, and access to robust direct and programmatic ad sales marketplaces.

“Signal Lamp Entertainment and Burrana share the vision that airlines will only be able to realise meaningful revenues from IFEC advertising if the entire ad ecosystem is optimised. Ad Republic will enable Burrana to offer its clients an unprecedented opportunity to do that”, said David Villarreal, Signal Lamp Entertainment’s CEO.

Burrana’s CEO, David Withers said: “Signal Lamp Entertainment’s ease of integration, comprehensive approach to the advertising ecosystem, and flexible business models make them a pragmatic complement to our IFE offering . We are always delighted to support our airline partners to provide extraordinary passenger experiences and this partnership enables them to maximise their in-flight revenues as well.”

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