Arralis has released its new high-frequency analogue phase shifter MMIC products which allow >360 degree analogue phase variation with low insertion loss covering two satellite Ka-bands, 17-21 GHz and 25.5-32.5 GHz.

According to Mike Gleaves, the Arralis Group CTO, “We have in essence developed the technology that allows users to continuously track and communicate with Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites in a form that can be easily placed within, or on the roof of a vehicle, aircraft, satellite or just about anywhere.”

The extended frequency range of the upper band chip is also suitable for the proposed 5G band and will be ideal for beam steering base stations. In addition, the added benefit of simplified assembly is possible as these chips are available with an integrated power amplifier.

This release completes the most extensive range of Ka band chips, aimed at the 17-21 GHz and 27-31 GHz mega-constellation frequency bands on the market. The full range, fabricated on a space qualified process, includes an integrated LO amplifier, IQ mixers and PAs and LNAs.

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