ABC International has completed the cabin branding of the A340 fleet of Belgian start-up, Air Belgium.

The project, which covers the airline’s three different classes of service, began in early 2017 with all relevant EASA approvals secured in April 2018.

According to Alberto D’Ambrosio, ABC International chief executive officer: “Air Belgium was just at the beginning of its new life; everyone was excited in contributing to the establishment of a new airline. Our engineering team worked hard, in strict co-operation with Airbus as well, to meet Air Belgium requirements. Working for a start-up is really motivating and it gave us a challenging approach.”

Christian Tolomé, Air Belgium technical manager, who was responsible for the cabin branding project with ABC, commented: “First of all, we had to define the right colour which matched our new cabin interior design and they found the best solution to accommodate our requests. The technical and programme management support were prompt and they took care of all demands, keeping up a high level of quality in their services. The ABC team had to work under pressure to respect the deadline in order to present Air Belgium’s A340 first-flight event. We were excited about our first take-off, and thanks to the responsibility of each of the stakeholders involved in this programme, it was a great success.”

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