World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) and the Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) have together published a report looking into potential paths to bring circularity to in-cabin waste (ICW).

The report, including voices from across the industry, outlines how individual business are working towards greater sustainability and circularity as well as the issues holding back greater circularity in a wider industry context.

“The ASF has recently completed a strategic review of the ICW issue to develop a clear and detailed campaign plan,” said Matt Crane, Founding Partner, ASF. “Step-by-step this will address the problem, identify the solutions the sector can adopt and open up our sector to the commercial and environmental benefits of a circular economy.”

“This report really does bring home the opportunities for circularity in aviation, and importantly how to navigate the challenges in bringing projects to life,” added Polly Magraw, Event Director, WTCE. “We know that carriers and their suppliers are very keen to put more initiatives in place and would find it so much easier if global regulations were harmonised to allow seamless systems across territories.”

“Like the ASF,” she continued, “we believe that if airlines come together towards a common purpose, the industry will be much better placed to make true circularity happen.”

Image: WTCE and ASF

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