Aerospace technology provider Astronics has expanded its CorePower product portfolio and capabilities to address the needs of the emerging electric aircraft industry.

The CorePower product line offers advanced flight-critical electrical power generation, conversion, distribution and control primarily for smaller rotary and fixed-wing aircraft in both commercial and military markets.

Astronics says the company has expanded its CorePower product offerings to include a new line of high voltage power conversion products (950VDC to 28VDC) and high voltage/high current solid state switching devices, for both uni- and bi-directional power distribution, as well as required load protection.

According to Astronics, the products are designed to meet stringent regulatory certification requirements, including dissimilar topologies to minimise common-cause failure modes. The new products complete a flexible, modular line of high-voltage DC power conversion and distribution capabilities required by the new aircraft, and do so with increased efficiency and lower weight, leading to aircraft benefits such as increased run time, longer ranges, and higher passenger or cargo loads.

Jon Neal, President of Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems, said: “Our airborne power and control team has specialised in creating innovative and market leading airframe power solutions for small to medium sized rotorcraft and business jets – now, with the advent of eVTOL and More Electric Aircraft, there are a number of new platforms that will benefit from our new CorePower high voltage products. Astronics is excited to be part of the evolution of aviation moving towards more sustainable and cleaner modes of transportation.”

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