Assortment of galley spare parts, a provider of aircraft parts and services for the commercial aviation sector has increased its stock of A320 family galley inserts.

According to Andrew Newell, Sales Director Bii has purchased over 1,700 line items which include a broad spectrum of OEM interior components from Zodiac, Airbus, BE Aerospace, Adams-Rite, Holmco, Diehl, and Goodrich amongst others, from a major European airline which Bii will manage.

Components include are vacuum lavatories, smoke detectors, ovens, coffee makers, crew handsets, chillers, faucets, fire extinguishers, lights, and attendant seats.

Bii will utilise its carefully selected MRO vendor base in order to recertify the interior cabin/galley material to ensure quality and availability on the shelf. This will further complement the Company’s ability to support aircraft with a range of AOG/loan/exchange and outright sale options.

“The market for these items is constant when aircraft are flying,” said Newell. “The most frequently removed items are normally water heaters, coffee makers and ovens, so we are building a pool of these fast-turning items.  Some airlines are currently taking equipment from teardowns and parked aircraft, but these still need to be recertified.  For many operators a better solution is to buy recently certified material instead of cannibalising parked aircraft and storing up shortage problems.”

According to Newell although airlines are serving less food and hot drinks nowadays due to COVID-19, the sale of refreshments on board is an important revenue stream that they will want to reinstate as quickly as possible.

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