BizJetMobile's CREWX messaging platform

BizjetMobile, a distributor for ASIP Tech, has begun shipments of the CrewX global messaging platform.

Evolved from ASIP Tech’s commercial airline product fflya, to provide core communications for aircraft crew, CrewX is the only global Bluetooth solution leveraging off the latest Iridium Next satellites.

BizjetMobile’s CEO, Adam Chapman, said: “BizjetMobile’s goal is to provide the most versatile and affordable connectivity solutions in the industry. No longer will pilots and owners be concerned about bill shock. With CrewX they can stay connected with unlimited messaging data for the entire flight for a low monthly rate of US$199. With the entire system only costing $2,490 there is no other comparable solution.

Providing the ability to stay in touch with friends and family via Text, conduct business communications via Email and improve flight operations with a simple app-based Messaging system CrewX is the core of any aircraft operations. All you need is our CrewX small light-weight router that is easy to install and a 3-inch patch Iridium antenna. Compatible with both IOS and Android devices.”

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