Bucher Aerospace Corporation has launched a half-size version of its thermally insulated galley cart, ARCTICart.

The ATLAS half-size ARCTICart enables cabin crew to serve chilled food and drinks to passengers without the need for chillers, dry ice and other cooling devices in-flight thereby reducing the weight of the aircraft and enabling airlines to make efficiency gains.

The product can safely store its contents below 4° for up to 20 hours. The innovative technology used in both the full-size and the half-size version of the product reduces the risk of food contamination during ground handling and protecting food in hot climates.

Launched just eight months after the full-size version of the product received Technical Standard Orders (TSO) Authorisation from the FAA, Bucher is currently in talks with different airline groups, which have showed interest in the ARCTICart, and is optimistic that a launching customer will be announced during the next few months.

Bucher Aerospace CEO, Francisco Aguilera, comments: “The original full-size product was launched with the ambitious objective of giving aircraft operators a catering solution that would significantly reduce the weight and energy consumption of airplanes by removing the need for chillers on commercial aircraft.”

“Already successfully certified, the product can also be used on long, short and medium-haul flights enabling cabin crew to offer return and overnight catering.”

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