Aircraft cabin interiors supplier Bucher, which shipped its first set of fully customised galleys and stowage units to Airbus Toulouse for their integration into STARLUX Airlines’ new A330-900neo aircraft, has revealed that the airline took delivery of the first aircraft today.

The carrier is pleased with the Swiss-made, high-quality galleys, which provide the best working conditions for crew members and enable them to provide the best possible service for their passengers.

STARLUX Airlines is a boutique airline and Bucher says the carrier’s specific requirements were met by Bucher’s team of experts, who completed the project to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

The airline says Bucher is renowned for its high quality and top-notch service, adding: “We are delighted that Bucher delivered extraordinary galleys and stowages to STARLUX new A330-900neo aircraft. STARLUX is looking forward to welcoming passengers in these beautiful aircraft.”

Bucher’s founder Heinrich Bucher was inspired by the idea of producing lightweight and reliable galleys made out of aluminium, and the company has continued to refine and optimise this unique lightweight construction concept.

However, the company has now expanded its product offering to also include composite and carbon fibre materials, thus allowing it to easily and efficiently adapt its products to meet individual customer requirements.

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