Burrana and Jamco Aero Design and Engineering (JADE) have completed an “extensive” retrofit project on two widebody aircraft for an APAC premium service airline.

The aircraft were retrofitted with Burrana’s Passenger Service System (PSS) that included Passenger Seat Controllers and Burrana’s Cabin Management Terminal. The company says the modular and integrated PSS is cost effective for airlines, as well as ergonomic and easy-to-use for passengers. The technology will benefit passengers in the dual-class configuration on each of the widebody aircraft.

The airline is repurposing these retrofitted aircraft to a subsidiary. One of the aircraft is already in service, while the second is expected to be flying by the end of September 2019.

The project marks the first Cabin Configuration Program project to be completed by Burrana and Jamco Aero Design and Engineering, who formed a partnership in 2018, with JADE’s structural, electrical and systems engineering design experience playing a key role in retrofitting aircraft with Burrana’s cabin technology products.

CEO, David Withers explained Burrana received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to complete the PSS installation on the wide-body platform. He continued: “We’re pleased to have completed this wide-body aircraft install as Burrana. We look forward to building on our strong relationship with JADE on future projects, which includes installation of 110V premium economy In-seat Power on another wide-body aircraft in early 2020.”

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