bombardier global 8000

Bombardier reveals its new Global 8000 business jet

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bombardier global 8000

Bombardier has unveiled its new Global 8000 aircraft at EBACE in Geneva. The company says the aircraft is expected to enter service in 2025 and will have a range of 8,000 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.94, offering customers a unique blend of outstanding performance married with the smoothest ride and an uncompromising passenger experience.

“Today, Bombardier solidifies once more its position as the leader in business aviation with the newest member of the industry-leading Global family,” said Éric Martel, Bombardier’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Global 8000 aircraft leverages the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era. We remain unmatched, which for an innovation-focused team like us, is great.”

Bombardier says that some of the impressive performance capabilities of the new Global 8000 aircraft were already witnessed in May 2021 following a demonstration flight with a Global 7500 flight test vehicle. The aircraft, accompanied by a NASA F/A-18 chase plane, repeatably achieved speeds in excess of Mach 1.015, a key step in enabling a maximum Mach operating speed (MMO) of M0.94 and becoming the fastest business jet in the world and the fastest in civil aviation since the Concorde.

The Global 8000 features the healthiest cabin in the industry, with the lowest cabin altitude in its class of 2,900 feet when flying at 41,000 ft. It is also equipped with Bombardier’s Pũr Air and advanced HEPA filter technology for the cleanest cabin air and the fastest fresh air replacement.

The aircraft has four personalised suites ergonomically designed to maximise space and freedom of movement and incorporates the revolutionary features introduced on the Global 7500 aircraft that dramatically improve passenger comfort, including the Soleil circadian lighting system to help combat jet lag.

A Principal Suite with a full-size bed and a stand-up shower in the en-suite is available for the aircraft, and provides revolutionary cabin features such as an intuitive nice Touch CMS and OLED touch dial and Bombardier’s l’Opéra directional audio sound system.

In the cockpit, the Global 8000 aircraft features the renowned Bombardier Vision flight deck with its next generation fly-by-wire technology and blend of cutting-edge avionics with exceptional ergonomics and aesthetics for remarkable comfort and control.

Bombardier says the new Global 8000 aircraft can efficiently transport customers to a wide variety of destinations both faster and farther than ever before. With its exceptional class-leading range and short-field performance, more exclusive city pairs are now achievable such as Dubai-Houston, Singapore-Los Angeles, London-Perth and many others.

OneWeb launch. Photo Credit ESA-CNES-ARIANESPACE Optique Video du CSG

OneWeb and Gogo partner up to revolutionise business aviation connectivity

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OneWeb launch. Photo Credit ESA-CNES-ARIANESPACE Optique Video du CSG

Global space-based communications company OneWeb has agreed a long-term distribution partnership agreement with Gogo Business Aviation.

The agreement, OneWeb’s first announced Distribution Partner for the business aviation market, was signed at EBACE between Ben Griffin, Vice President Mobility at OneWeb and, Jim MacDougall Vice President, Product Management for Gogo. The partnership underlines the commitment OneWeb is making to bring high-speed, global connectivity to the entire aviation ecosystem which includes business aviation users.

Gogo will market and sell OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency inflight broadband services to business aviation users globally.

“We’re committed to developing and deploying a high-speed, consistent and global low-latency connectivity solution for the business aviation industry, that has been developed by the business aviation community. Leveraging the experience and expertise of world class partners such as Gogo is consistent with this approach,” said Griffin.

Through the milestone agreement, Gogo will help unleash the power of OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation which will deliver a true ‘office in the sky’ broadband experience to business aviation operators and passengers.

“For more than 30 years, Gogo Business Aviation has been a driving force behind the technological innovations that have connected the skies,” MacDougall commented. “This agreement with OneWeb enables Gogo to continue to disrupt and innovate to bring our customers superior connectivity solutions while expanding our service to a global audience.”

With performance comparable with terrestrial broadband services, and game-changing latency of less than 100ms – up to 10 times faster than geostationary satellites (GEOs) – OneWeb says it plans to open a wealth of inflight connectivity applications beyond onboard internet delivering an in-flight connectivity experience which like business – is always open.

Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct, OneWeb and QEST ratify Electronic Phased Array antenna development

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Satcom Direct

Business aviation solutions provider Satcom Direct has announced a new three-way partnership agreement with OneWeb, a global communications company powered from space, and QEST, a worldwide market leader in innovative aeronautical antennas.

The agreement progresses the development of an Electronic Phased Array antenna to support OneWeb’s advancing mobility services and also covers a long-term distribution partner agreement where SD will market and sell OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency inflight broadband services.

According to the companies, the development has already begun on the flat-panel antenna with initial demonstrator technology scheduled to validate over-the-air performance, in small form factor across the OneWeb satellite constellation in Q4 2022.

The lightweight, low profile, modular antenna designed for smaller aircraft will deliver high-speed, broadband connectivity to this aircraft category for the first time. Together SD, OneWeb and QEST will enable passengers and operators to be more productive and enjoy more leisure time during flight via global broadband connectivity.  Market introduction of the flat panel, fuselage mounted, electronic phased array antenna is anticipated for availability in 2024, with OneWeb aviation services set to launch in 2023.

Neil Masterson, CEO at OneWeb said: “We pride ourselves on partnering with industry leaders and specialists to ensure we can bring connectivity to the right audiences as effectively as possible. We are delighted to partner with connectivity market leader Satcom Direct, and innovative hardware manufacturer QEST, because together we look forward to transforming the connectivity landscape for our customers. SD brings a stellar reputation as a distribution partner for OneWeb, with its maturity in the market and solid heritage around the world.

“SD supports the largest number of business aviation platforms globally and regularly ranks top in customer service industry surveys. This makes it an obvious partner for OneWeb as we set out to deliver robust, high-speed, low latency reliable and global connectivity for all aircraft,” Masterson added.

“Connectivity supports much more than just communications and we are investing in antenna development through our Plane Simple programme, to deliver secure, flexible, reliable solutions to a wider segment of the business and government aviation communities than ever before,” said Jim Jensen, CEO Satcom Direct.

“This is a truly ground-breaking collaboration which is setting out to bring OneWeb’s powerful connectivity to a much-underserved sector of our business aviation community. We are proud to be part of such an innovative, and dynamic group of companies, that will change the way in which small jets, and general aviation operators connect with the world.”


Myairops launches stores and inventory management solution

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Myairops, a leading global provider of software solutions and trip support services, has unveiled an exciting new addition to the company’s product suite: myairops stores and inventory.

The product provides an operationally efficient, modern solution to managing inventory within the aviation industry. According to the company, the product launch has been kickstarted with the arrival of its first customer – who are set to go live at the end of May 2022.

Simon Underwood, Product Owner at myairops, said: “I’m hugely proud of the myairops team in delivering our new stores product in time to launch at EBACE 2022. This is a key milestone in the myairops product range and not only brings together the latest technologies and design principles but underpins our strategic vision of a true micro-service solution that will be shared across our entire product range.

“This is just the start of an extensive roadmap of features and capabilities that will not only enhance and complement our existing products but provide unique capabilities not currently available in competing products used across the aviation industry. We’re all really excited about the future of stores and looking forward to delivering new and innovative features to our existing and new customers.”

Tim Ford, Managing Director of myairops, added: “Adding aviation stores and inventory to our product portfolio is the next step in providing the most complete set of aviation SaaS products, allowing our customers flexibility when selecting what their business needs.

“At myairops, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of products and launching it at EBACE following our launch of AI capabilities at NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers conference, shows the momentum we have as a business.

“We are proud to go live with our first customer and we look forward to helping others solve their purchase order and inventory challenges where non-aviation aware systems cannot meet the requirements of our sector.”

The first fully outfitted Gulfstream G700 has joined Gulfstream’s flight-test programme, which already includes five other test aircraft.

Gulfstream: G700 flight tests progressing well

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The first fully outfitted Gulfstream G700 has joined Gulfstream’s flight-test programme, which already includes five other test aircraft.

Gulfstream has announced that its G700 aircraft continues to make progress through the manufacturer’s rigorous flight test programme.

Gulfstream says its G700 is proving strong maturity through a multitude of test points as it heads towards customer deliveries later this year.

The company announced it will introduce a second fully outfitted production test aircraft to evaluate more G700 customer interior features in the cabin and ensure unparalleled product maturity upon entry-into-service.

“The G700 is performing flawlessly through the flight test programme,” said Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream. “We have flown more than 2,800 flight hours across all flight test aircraft, and the G700 is exceeding our expectations for performance and comfort. In fact, our fully outfitted production test aircraft has already set seven international city pair records, and we are looking forward to delivering the second outfitted aircraft soon.”

In addition to the outfitted production test aircraft already flying, the G700 flight test programme includes five aircraft. The programme has successfully accomplished critical phases-of-flight tests, including envelope expansion, flutter, aerodynamic stalls, flying qualities, flight control systems and air-data testing, as well as cold weather and high altitude testing and all required structural testing.

Flexjet Praetor 600

Flexjet to adopt GE Digital’s Maintenance Insight solution

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Flexjet Praetor 600

Fractional private jet provider Flexjet has adopted GE Digital’s Maintenance Insight software solution for its fleet operations.

The GE Digital Maintenance Insight solution detects aircraft and component degradation before scheduled maintenance would catch it.

The programme also generates analytics that can be used to help optimise performance and decrease inefficiencies that lead to excess fuel burn and carbon emissions, allowing Flexjet to reduce its carbon footprint while operating the aircraft.

Megan Wolf, Flexjet’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We began using GE wireless flight data transmission across the Flexjet fleet in 2019 and are pleased to become the first to adopt this new maintenance innovation as well. Flexjet owns, operates and maintains our own aircraft, and Maintenance Insight’s powerful analytics will give our award-winning maintenance team even more tools to keep our aircraft in top shape.”

Maintenance Insight works by extracting full-flight data from each aircraft’s sensors. By generating data from every flight, operators can identify problems that otherwise might not be caught until scheduled routine maintenance, avoiding unplanned downtime. This also enables aircraft to be serviced at Flexjet maintenance stations rather than at third-party service stations, so-called “out-station events,” further reducing costs and delays.

“With the ability to also optimise performance and decrease fuel inefficiencies, this software will help us to maintain our industry leadership in this critical field, improving aircraft reliability and efficiency, protecting the natural environment and controlling operating and maintenance costs,” added Wolf.

Cessna Citation Latitude

Turkish Aerospace Industries orders three Cessna Citation jets

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Cessna Citation Latitude

Textron Aviation has received an order from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) for one special mission Cessna Citation Longitude and two special mission Cessna Citation Latitude jets.

Textron Aviation says the aircraft will be fitted with special flight inspection calibration equipment and used by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) in Turkey to inspect regional airport navigation aids.

Bob Gibbs, vice president, Special Mission Sales for Textron Aviation, said: “Textron Aviation is honoured to once again be selected as the aircraft of choice for the critical mission of ensuring the integrity of the airways that constitute the national airspace of Turkey. The Longitude and Latitude continue the long legacy of Cessna Citation flight inspection aircraft in service by the DHMI, while providing additional capability and performance for its missions.”

The Cessna Citation Longitude and Cessna Citation Latitude are designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation Inc, a Textron Inc company. DHMI began using two Cessna Citation V aircraft for flight inspection in 1993 and they were replaced by Cessna Citation XLS aircraft in 2009.

Bombardier Challenger 3500

Bombardier exclusive: showcasing business jet cabin innovation at EBACE

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Bombardier Challenger 3500

Inflight Editor Satu Dahl speaks with business jet manufacturer Bombardier ahead of the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) taking place in Geneva on 23-25 May.

What is Bombardier most looking forward to at EBACE 2022?
Bombardier is excited to attend the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition – we’re returning to EBACE at a perfect time with interest in business aviation at its highest levels in over a decade, and more people than ever accessing this safe and efficient mode of transportation. It’s a key show for us to showcase our innovations in terms of sustainability as well as aerodynamics, such as our smooth flex wing, which on the Global 7500 provides industry leading low-speed performance, high-speed cruise and the smoothest ride.

More than ever, we look forward to showcasing our aircraft, highlighting the expertise of our world-class services and support teams and have our experts on site to provide information to our stakeholders in person.

What are your biggest innovations when it comes to business jet interiors?
Bombardier is an industry leader in business jet interior design – two of our leading business jets, the Global 7500 and the Challenger 3500, were honoured with Red Dot awards, one of the most sought-after international recognitions for design and innovation excellence.

Innovation is embedded in Bombardier’s DNA and the Nuage seat is just one example. The patented Nuage seat was conceived, designed and configured for exceptional comfort. In designing the Nuage seat, Bombardier set out to completely re-engineer an aircraft seat architecture to fundamentally alter the way the seat moves and supports the passenger.

At the heart of the Nuage seat are features unavailable on any other seat in business aviation, including:

  • An unprecedented deep recline featuring a patented tilt link system that uniquely pivots the seat backwards at the knees as it reclines. This keeps the body fully supported with no added pressure on the legs.
  • A one-of-a-kind floating base, housing a novel fluid movement system for effortless tracking. A thoughtfully engineered swivel axis maintains an intuitively centered point of rotation in any position.
  • A unique tilting headrest, providing essential neck support for ergonomic excellence.

Bombardier’s Global 5500, Global 6500, Global 7500 and Challenger 3500 aircraft all feature the Nuage seat, which is the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. The seat is also the crown jewel in the interior of Bombardier’s newest aircraft, the Challenger 3500 business jet.

Launched in September 2021, Bombardier prioritised the cabin experience on the Challenger 3500 aircraft and designed it with sustainability in mind to reflect the company’s priorities and the priorities of its customers. In addition to the Nuage seat, customers have the option to choose from a selection of environmentally conscious and high-end sustainable materials for the cabin, including eucalyptus veneer, natural carpets that are produced using resilient plants that don’t require water irrigation and are biodegradable, and upcycled wool and polyester textiles.

The Challenger 3500 aircraft interior also introduces several innovative technological features, such as the industry’s first voice-controlled cabin to manage lighting, temperature and entertainment systems, the first wireless chargers throughout the cabin and the only 24-inch, 4K display in its class.

How do you see the business aviation market developing this year?
The business aviation market is doing very well – the pandemic fuelled an increased interest in private travel, acting like an accelerator for first-time business jet customers. We’ve also seen the market recover faster than expected with flight hours surpassing those in 2019 and pre-owned aircraft inventory hitting record lows. What’s even more encouraging is that conditions are in place for the market to keep growing exclusive of the pandemic effect. Given that that medium and large categories will continue to represent 90% of industry revenues, Bombardier is in a good position to grow its share of this market with a solid portfolio of products, including its Challenger and Global families of business jets.

Challenger 3500 Interior FWD Cabin Seats
Cessna Citation XLS Gen2

Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 begins deliveries and achieves FAA certification

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Cessna Citation XLS Gen2

Textron Aviation has announced it has achieved the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification for its Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 business jet.

The company delivered the first customer aircraft to a long-time Citation operator in the Midwest last week.

“Loyal Citation customers inspire us to continually invest in bringing the latest design and technology to our product line,” said Lannie O’Bannion, Senior Vice President, Sales and Flight Ops. “This fresh approach to our popular 560XL series includes comfort and productivity upgrades requested by our customers, yet retains the model’s combination of performance and efficiencies that offers midsize jet features at a smaller jet operating cost.”

Textron Aviation says its Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 is the latest model of the Citation 560XL midsize business jet series, which began with the introduction of the Citation Excel in 1998. More than 1,000 560XLs have been delivered over the past 25 years.

Bombadier 5000 aircraft in flight

Bombardier honoured for technological innovation in aviation

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Bombadier 5000 aircraft in flight

Business jet manufacturer Bombardier has earned a top prize for technical innovation in the 2022 Les Mercuriades competition, Quebec’s most prestigious business awards programme sponsored annually by the Federation of Quebec Chamber of Commerce.

Bombardier received the honour for advances in its groundbreaking Smart Link Plus connected aircraft.

The Smart Link Plus programme is an advanced aircraft health monitoring system capable of interpreting real-time flight systems data and generating alerts while an aircraft is in flight as well as on the ground.

Access to this previously untapped data allows flight and maintenance crews to prioritise aircraft service needs and proactively dispatch, troubleshoot and track fixes, and substantially minimise costly aircraft downtime.

“We are delighted to have this prestigious recognition of our transformative Smart Link Plus technology,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Bombardier’s Executive Vice President, Customer Services and Support and Corporate Strategy. “At Bombardier, our strong focus on innovation, coupled with our homegrown talent continue to pioneer industry breakthroughs and contribute to the strength of the Canadian aerospace industry on the international stage as well as to the culture of technological excellence in Quebec.”