Carmen Sandiego is to appear on board airlines under a new licensing agreement with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Global Eagle.

“The new Carmen Sandiego game has been specifically created for onboard playing,” Dina Dumenko, Global Eagle’s Head of Games Strategy explained. “By correctly advancing through multiple layers of trivia questions, passengers will be able to unlock clues about her whereabouts in their quest to find Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

After developing a custom game optimised for travellers, Global Eagle will debut Carmen Sandiego in late 2019 for airlines.

“It is fitting that the inspiring young woman who explored the world is now going to be traveling on board planes and ships to all corners of the world courtesy of our customers,” said Per Norén, Global Eagle president. “Carmen Sandiego further solidifies Global Eagle’s games leadership in a global gaming market of more than US$108 billion.”

“As a globe-trotting super-thief, Carmen Sandiego knows her way around ships and planes, and this custom game for world travellers is an ideal way to introduce her to a new generation of fans while celebrating her computer game roots,” said Caroline Fraser, head of HMH Productions, and the executive producer of the “Carmen Sandiego” Netflix original series.

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