Lisburn-based Causeway Aero has achieved the EASA Part 21G accreditation providing the company with internationally-recognised approval to manufacture aircraft parts and appliances that will be installed directly onto an aircraft.

Michael Rice, CEO of Causeway Aero, called it “fantastic news” for the company which has been investing in its new manufacturing and assembly facility at Lissue in Lisburn, adding: “This accreditation means that our Seats and Interiors’ Division, formed to meet the growing demand of the industry, can get on with the work at hand and deliver for our customers.”

“This approval enables a massive scale up for our interiors division to deliver galleys, composite closets, wardrobes and overhead bins, as well as wall and roofing panels, and of course, seating,” Rice continued. “Our Lissue facility is now actively producing seats, closets, class dividers and dog boxes at present and we are currently speaking with multiple customers who have composite interiors requirements. Alongside this we have recently developed a new galley build concept reducing build recycle times, customer lead times and assembly costs. This gives us a very unique selling proposition.”

He highlighted that with EASA Part 21G, the company has the same necessary accreditation as Thompson Areo Seating, Collins Aerospace and Bombardier.

The company has also received AS9100 Rev D multisite accreditation. The quality management standard was designed specifically for the aviation, space and defence industries and the accreditation promotes continuous improvement in the aerospace supply chain and ensures processes are accurate and consistent.

“These two approvals cover two different scopes of work and include our recently acquired Race Completions site in Bristol, as well as here in Lisburn. Both sites are now covered with both approvals,” Rice explained.

“We are delighted that Causeway Aero is making its mark in the aircraft interiors market” he commented, adding that it bodes well for the future.

Image: Lisburn based aerospace company, Causeway Aero, has achieved the EASA Part 21G accreditation, which gives the organisation an internationally recognised approval to manufacture aircraft parts and appliances that will be directly installed onto an aeroplane.

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