Causeway Aero Group has announced that it has developed unique light-weight Semi-Flexible Laminate (SFL) panels for aircraft interiors.

The panels provide improved levels of thermal protection, allowing bulky insulating blankets to be removed which could result in up to a 25% weight saving.  There may also be a modest increase in cabin dimensions, as the company says the panels could be fitted closer to the aircraft inner skin.

The SFL panels have a vac-formed core with laminates on either side, according to Causeway, and the cabin side can be decorated to suit customer requirements. The panels’ anti-bacterial coating would be ideal for air ambulances.

Causeway says it sees a market for the technology in smaller passenger aircraft, military transport aircraft and helicopters. The product’s launch customer is Britten-Norman and Causeway says it is actively working to design and produce a new modern interior for the BN-2 Islander, including sidewalls, ceiling and cockpit area.

The nine-seat aircraft has been in production since 1967 and continues to sell, particularly to remote areas where its impressive performance allows it to operate from very short and basic airstrips.

Causeway says the new interior can be installed during production or during a retrofit under a minor STC.

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