Lufthansa Group has selected Collins Aerospace to be its new data link provider across 700 aircraft.

The ARINC GLOBALink service delivers highly secure and reliable voice and data communications between the aircraft and ground operations over a private aviation network that features 99.999% availability. The solution enables Lufthansa to use data link messages to improve departure control and turnaround, and send and receive real-time aircraft and engine data to improve maintenance operations. Gate connection information will also be uploaded to aircraft in-flight entertainment displays.

“We selected Collins Aerospace as our new data link provider because of its comprehensive approach to flight deck communications,” said Andreas Ritter, head of Flight Operations Procedures & Technology Group Airlines for Lufthansa Group. “The fact that we can now work with one company for our software, hardware and service needs is a major benefit to our airline.”

As part of the agreement, Collins Aerospace also provided Lufthansa with Collins’ data radios. This ensure the cockpit hardware can communicate with the ground as efficiently as possible via enhanced network performance.

“Transitioning a fleet of 700 aircraft to a new network service is no small feat,” said Michael DiGeorge, vice president of Commercial Aviation and Network Services for Collins Aerospace. “Working in collaboration with Lufthansa we were able to complete the migration without any service disruptions in just over three months. We believe a migration of this size in this short of a timeframe is an industry first.”

Lufthansa is using Collins’ entire suite of ARINC GLOBALink services, including Very High Frequency, SATCOM, and High Frequency Data Link to meet the airline’s diverse range of aviation communication needs.

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