Boeing 777X taking off

CTT Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Camfil, a manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, to adapt and incorporate Camfil’s air filtration technology for aircraft and the aviation industry.

Under the partnership, CTT will incorporate air filtration in its humidifier products, in order to further improve air quality for pilots, crew and passengers. The initial objective is to reduce Ozone and/or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

By integrating filter technology in the pad module that is aligned with the service interval of the pad material, airlines can rip-and-replace the entire pad module. The pad-filters will be completely interchangeable with current product line of humidifiers/pads.

Mark Simmons CEO at Camfil commented. “We will work very closely with CTT to develop tailor-made filters certified for use in aircraft with very specific, high performance filtration and low pressure drop.”

“The premium-air-pad will be developed for our humidifiers in flight deck, crew rest and passenger cabin on Boeing 777X (main picture) and Airbus A350, as well as for crew rests on the 787, improving air quality without adding extra service or maintenance,” added Torbjörn Johansson CEO at CTT Systems. “Airlines can initially select Ozone and VOC reduction.”

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