Dr. Bruno Goussault, the Master of Modern Sous Vide and Chief Scientist of CREA (Culinary Research and Education Academy), the research and innovation arm of Cuisine Solutions.

Premium pioneering sous vide cooking technique company Cuisine Solutions Inc. is celebrating its sixth International Sous Vide Day on 26 January.

The International Sous Vide Day pays homage to Dr. Bruno Goussault’s legacy in the art of sous vide and honours his 81st  birthday. Goussault is the Master of Modern Sous Vide and Chief Scientist of the Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA), the research and innovation arm of Cuisine Solutions.

Cuisine Solutions is hosting a global celebration this year with exclusive events taking place in Washington D.C.Thailand and France. The events feature celebrated master chefs and industry leaders who will come together to experience the artistry and history of the sous vide cooking method.

The event in France is held in Epernay and features an elegant reception at the Château Comtesse Lafond, where invited guests will be treated to innovative small sous vide plates and craft sous vide cocktails created by the company’s culinary team, while the afternoon event will be emceed by Cuisine Solutions Chief Strategy Officer Gerard Bertholon and attended by Dr. Bruno Goussault and Chairman Stanislas Vilgrain.

According to Cuisine Solutions, guests include the President of French Master Chefs USA/Canada, Jean-Louis Dumonet, two Michelin star chef Jacques Chibois, President of Cuisiniers de France Christian Millet as well as chefs Ghislaine Arabian, Sébastien Canonne, Michel Widehem and Christian Segui.

The first annual Ambassador of Sous Vide Awards are also part of the events and honour influential voices in the food science space who have demonstrated excellence in sous vide, creating awareness of the technique.

Cuisine Solutions President and CEO Felipe Hasselmann will be taking part in the event held in Thailand and according to Cuisine Solutions, TV personality Ian Kittichai is also expected to attend the event at Avani Riverside Hotel’s SEEN rooftop.

The Washington D.C. event at Taffer’s Tavern features impressive sous vide dishes and custom cocktails. Cuisine Solutions says it has partnered with Jon Taffer on the Taffer’s Tavern franchise’s “kitchen of the future” concept, utilising sous vide technology, and the company is the owner-operator of the recently-opened Washington D.C. location.

Further information about International Sous Vide Day and special sous vide recipes are available at  www.internationalsousvideday.com and www.cuisinesolutions.com.

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