Transavia Airlines maintenance

Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has signed a long-term co-operation agreement with Transavia Airlines.

CSAT focuses on aircraft repair and maintenance and was the first company in continental Europe to complete the modification of Split Scimitar Winglets of Boeing 737NG aircraft and Sharklet modifications of Airbus A320 aircraft. The company also installs satellite antenna and in-flight Wi-Fi systems and performs ‘Spaceflex’ cabin modifications.

The maintenance agreement covers the next five years until 31 August 2027. “The next season starts on 1 November 2022. We believe that it will be as successful as the previous ones. We are still ready to provide Transavia with up to three of our maintenance lines during each operational season, which is why we have been Transavia’s first choice, i.e., the preferred base maintenance company,” Petr Doberský, Chairman of the Czech Airlines Technics Board of Directors, said.

Over the past years, Czech Airlines Technics has performed various level overhauls for Transavia during 267 aircraft visits. “We have to highlight the excellent nature of our co-operation both at the management level of the two companies, and on the premises of our hangar, where our maintenance managers meet with the technical representatives of our client during the maintenance season. The above-standard personal relations of both parties certainly contribute to the successful course of the base maintenance visits,” Petr Doberský added.

Robert-Jan Korenromp, Transavia’s Head of Fleet & Technical Services said: “Over the years, CSAT has proven a reliable partner delivering quality maintenance, flexibility, and good co-operation at all levels. We are happy to extend our long-standing good co-operation for another five years.”

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