David Withers has stepped down as CEO of Burrana, with Neal Nordstrom, a current Burrana board member replacing him.

“It is of course with very mixed emotions that I make this announcement,” Withers said. “For 12 years Burrana has been the single focus of my energy but it is the right time for me personally and the right time for the company to have a new CEO.  I thank Neal for accepting the challenge and assure all our customers, suppliers and partners that I remain fully engaged and committed.”

As chairman, Withers will remain actively engaged in the business and will continue to help drive the company’s technology development and product positioning. Paul Margis will step down as chairman but remain on the board.

Nordstrom said: “I am honoured to have been chosen by the board for this role. I am inheriting from David a strong team and competitive product range. Our immediate focus is of course navigating COVID-19 and coming out of it strong and ready to compete. Our recent award by Airbus as their IFEC supplier of the year is just one indication of the capabilities of this great company.”

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