Delta Air Lines has reintroduced child-friendly dishes to its onboard menu. The menu, launching on 1 April 2023, will be available for the airline’s First Class passengers on long-haul and international flights as well as most domestic routes.

Delta’s chefs studied restaurant menus and traditional kids’ meals to produce the menu items which include a breakfast menu consisting of French toast with syrup, scrambled eggs, an assortment of fruit and a small blueberry muffin as well as lunch and dinner meals including cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, carrots and broccoli with ranch dressing as well as an assortment of fruit and graham cookies.

Speaking about the updates to the airline’s menu, Kristen Manion Taylor, Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service, Delta Air Lines, said: “Your onboard meal and beverage should be no different than your go-to restaurant at home, and that’s why we’re constantly reinventing our onboard service at Delta. We always want to surprise and delight our customers with seasonal, fresh and fun menu options.”

In addition to the children’s menu, Delta has also brought back its signature Delta One dessert cart, including plated desserts such as fruit and cheese plates as well as a customizable ice cream sundae, opera cake with chocolate ganache, a Cowgirl Creamery wagon wheel, Midnight Moon gouda as well as grapes.

The Delta One dessert cart is available on international flights, with options dependent on the city of departure.

Other menu updates include the introduction of regional dishes like afternoon tea and tapas, as well as seasonal dishes featuring meals from well-known restaurants such as Little Italia’s Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano, Atlanta.

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