A Delta catering employee in PPE washes down a food preparation counter

Delta has released details of the measures its catering partners have adopted to keep customers and crew safe.

Delta’s catering partners have always followed the industry’s cleaning standards and are consistently inspected by government agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration.

Before passengers board, all inbound international catering equipment and trucks are cleaned and sanitised with a food safe disinfectant using electrostatic sprayers throughout the day. Delta teams are currently testing an expansion of this process for all flights.

Before walking through the doors of its  kitchen facilities, catering employees and visitors are temperature-checked and asked to complete a health questionnaire. Catering employees follow social distancing protocols and wear personal protective gear, including face coverings and gloves, according to their work area.

Delta has also added additional cleaning staff to help with enhanced sanitising processes that focus on high traffic and high-touch areas:

All food contact surfaces are sanitised throughout the day and are verified for cleanliness before food production.

After being unloaded, food carts are taken to a cart wash area to be rinsed and sanitised, while crockery and utensils are washed and sanitised using high-heat, industrial dishwashing machines.

All catering products are sanitised before food carts are provisioned for our customers.

One provisioned with food and beverages, carts are given a second cleanse before they are loaded onto our aircraft.

In the air Delta has temporarily moved to essential food and beverage offerings on board on all US domestic and short-haul international flights. Customers in all cabins receive their own personal snack bags on domestic flights.

Customers flying on long-haul international routes are also receiving temporarily streamlined in-flight services and meal choices, along with a full selection of beverage offerings.

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