gategroup company deSter has expanded its range of hygienic products to meet new, additional passenger requirements. Designed in-house, the items can be customised to meet different requirements across both the airline and food service industries.

The personal protective solutions for passengers and consumers include mouth masks, disinfecting wipes, gloves, hand gels and individual hygienic packs containing a number of items upon customers’ request.

deSter’s professionals’ range consists of protective gowns, shoe covers, hairnets, visors, face shields and ear guards to relieve the pressure of long-term use of visors and masks on the users’ ears.

By assembling product and kit at deSter’s own facilities in Europe, Asia and the US, the company says it is created a robust supply chain capable of meeting customer demand ensuring the proper certification and short lead times.

New items are being added to the ranges and will encompass full customisation capability as well as branded license manufacturing.

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