Rendering of Diehl's cabin portfolio

Diehl Aviation has begun implementing an internal programme of restructuring and innovation, as it seeks to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

By the end of 2022, Diehl hopes to be economically sustainable and have a future-oriented cost structure.

The company expects that the business volume in 2022 will be slightly more than half of 2019 sales levels. Repositioning for the future, the company plans to retain all its sites in Germany and to reduce it headcount to 3,000 in the country, streamlining its overall global workforce to 4,000., This corresponds to a reduction of up to 1,400 jobs in Germany by 2022.

Diehl hopes to avoid unnecessary redundancies by offering partial retirement, volunteer programs, and other measures, which it hopes will enable it to reverse the trend by 2022 and to return to profitability by 2023.

Diehl Aviation will also develop new products and get involved in new projects, such as product innovations for touchless cabin functions in commercial aircraft and entering the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market segment.

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