The autonomous sterilization robot can effectively kill over 99% of bacteria and pathogens

In partnership with Uveya, a Switzerland-based technology company, dnata has conducted a proof of concept utilising ultraviolet (UV) technology to sanitise aircraft cabins.

The cabin cleaning service was trialled on board the aircraft of Swiss regional carrier Helvetic Airways. Uveya’s solution uses UVC rays to disinfect the interior of the aircraft, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of passengers and crew. During the cleaning process, an autonomous sterilisation robot emits concentrated UV-C light across the cabin. The device can effectively kill over 99% of bacteria and pathogens, such as coronavirus, in the air and on all surfaces in a few minutes, without using any chemicals.

Tristan Chevignard, Business Development Manager of Uveya, said: “We are thrilled to explore the aviation market for our UVC disinfection solution with such renowned partners. We believe this collaboration will help assure aircraft are clean, safe and up to the high-level standards of this industry.”

René Marmet, Chief Operating Officer of Helvetic Airways, added: “By making available our infrastructure and fleet for testing, Helvetic Airways is significantly contributing to the development of a promising and innovative aircraft disinfection solution which aims to make air travel safer going forward.”

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