It has been a busy week in Los Angeles for APEX EXPO 2019 with the Inflight team exploring the latest in cabin technology.

Key takeaways from the event have definitely been an increased focus on sustainability. As the public become more engaged and as the industry aims to meet its carbon reduction targets, suppliers and airlines have been discussing sustainability and reducing single-use plastic much more vocally.

An increasing discussion around cybersecurity has also been interesting.  As aircraft become more connected and passengers increasingly desire access to content on their own devices, security becomes more complex. 

On the content side, gaming and e-sports seem to be powering ahead as an increasingly looked-at entertainment with several innovations aiming to enhance the gaming experience for passengers onboard. 

Now as the Inflight team flies back, we’re reflecting on a great week of testing out the latest in new and developing technologies. 

Don’t forget to check out our Twitter for some of our highlights from the show, and look out for a review of the APEX EXPO in the next issue of Inflight. 

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