Emirates will be celebrating the International Tea Day on 21 May

Emirates will be celebrating the International Tea Day on 21 May and as part of the celebrations, the airline will be highlighting the sustainable origins, healing properties and artful service of artisan tea on board.

Emirates says tea consumption during flights has increased by more than 10% over recent years, with the carrier brewing more than 33 million cups of tea on board every year.

Emirates offers its passengers several gourmet blends including energy-boosting Original Earl Grey, mellow and stomach-settling Pure Chamomile Flowers, healthy and antioxidant Sencha Green Extra Special, Turmeric, Coconut and Vanilla, Natural Green Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, digestion-friendly Moroccan Mint, energising Breakfast Tea and the Emirates Signature Blend which is an exclusive master-crafted tea composed of marigold, safflower, rose with notes of almond and ginger to represent the flavours of the UAE.

Emirates says its most popular tea in First Class is Moroccan Mint Green Tea, while in Business Class both Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Chamomile Tea are popular choices. In Economy Class, traditional Ceylon Black Tea is a favourite of many.

Emirates has partnered exclusively with Dilmah Tea, which provides expert insight into different tea varieties. Emirates Cabin Crew receive specialised tea training to discover the sustainable origins of Dilmah tea. They also learn about tea and food pairing and recommendations for passengers including pairing seafood, soft cheeses and sushi with green tea, beef and game, sweet desserts, or hard cheeses with black tea, or combining floral teas such as Chamomile with dishes that have a citrus or tart flavour profile.

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