As part of commitments made under its ‘Four the Future’ environmental strategy, En Route International has launched a new alternative to plastic-lined cardboard packaging.

Originally developed by En Route’s in-house design and development teams for a range of hot handheld snacks, the ovenable packaging, which is made of natural materials, are suitable for use across a variety of products that require a grease or moisture barrier without the need for plastic, which is environmentally costly to produce and dispose of.

The new packaging maintains the stringent hygiene and quality control standards expected of food packaging, and have a performance that is comparable to its predecessor, which would require the plastic lining to be removed before it could be recycled. The plastic free alternative is fully recyclable in the paper chain while also being fully biodegradable and compostable.

Ed Gatland, design manager at En Route, said: “There is a bigger demand from passengers than ever before for sustainable packaging. This is now one of the most critical issues in our sector and we are very proud of the progress we are making to tackle some of the challenges that our industry is facing.

“In line with our ‘Four the Future’ strategy, we will continue to strive to develop solutions for sustainable skies.”

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