Consulta Meta has officially announced the launch of the Aurora|360 Experience – an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the Northern Lights by private-chartered 737 jet.

The full Aurora|360 Experience is 7 to 11 February 2019, with the flight (with only 80 seats available) scheduled to take-off either 8th or 9 February (the flight date will be chosen a few days earlier based on Aurora forecasts).

As part of the five-day package the passengers get to learn more about the Aurora Borealis from renowned guest speakers: Dr. Phil Plait (aka the Bad Astronomer), Dr. Christa Van Laerhoven (B.Sc. Physics & Astronomy/ Ph.D. Planetary Sciences), William Murtagh (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as the assistant director for Space Weather, Energy, and Environment Division), and Pierre Paquette (Astronomy Ambassador of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada).

Once on board, guests can relax and enjoy the incredible views while sipping a celebratory gin from Yukon’s award-winning Yukon Brewing company and Canadian Aurora photographer, Neil Zeller will assist with helping passengers to take their own Aurora photos.

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