Aircraft component supplier FACC has a goal to achieve carbon-neutral manufacturing by 2040 and the company has announced it is using new, sustainable packaging going forward.

For smaller parts, it avoids plastic and only packaging and filling materials made of recycled cardboard are used.

For overseas deliveries and complex systems requiring additional filling material, air cushion foil is produced at FACC from sustainable materials with recycled content of 40% and it is produced in a 100% carbon-neutral process. According to FACC, it is essential that the foil is inflated with air only after reaching its destination: in this way, transport of the foil requires around 25 times less space than before. This alone saves 30 truck trips per year. In total, this amounts to CO2 savings of approximately 40 metric tons, equivalent to the consumption of around 20 single-family homes per year.

FACC says the foil was tested and certified by the company specifically for use in aviation. Two newly acquired machines will supply logistics with the sustainable packaging material in the future.

“In the best case, greater sustainability goes hand in hand with greater efficiency,” said CEO Robert Machtlinger. “With these measures, we have not only minimised our environmental footprint, but also cut costs.”

In addition, total packaging effort at the newly constructed ergonomic packing table was reduced by half by improving processes. This translates into significant savings, given that approximately 100,000 m2 of cardboard are required per year.

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